How it works

We will schedule a call to welcome you onboard and make sure you are taking a couple of simple precautionary steps to protect your trademark.

When someone infringes on your brand or steals your material, file a ticket in your Brand Patrol dashboard. Or just shoot us an email. We're easy.

(For an additional monthly fee, Brand Patrol will monitor registered domains and social media accounts to find offenders before they even show up on your radar.)

Brand Patrol kicks it into high gear and contacts the offending party.

We communicate in a way that protects your brand and your reputation.

(Offenders are often in your ecosystem and might even be a fan. We work with them to be sure they understand the importance of trademarks and why it's necessary to remove the offending material.)

Our goal is always to resolve disputes without resorting to cease and desists or DMCA takedowns.

But, if that is what it takes, that is what we will do. We follow up with the party as often as necessary until the material is corrected or until it becomes clear it's time to lawyer up.

(Brand Patrol is not a legal service. We are trademark defense with a smile. If it comes time to bring in the lawyers, we package all communications into a handy dossier – fancy word for .zip file – and provide it to your legal team.)

Brand Patrol protects your brand and saves you hours upon hours of hassle.